Company Profile
S.E.A.OZ 4x4 Systems Pte Ltd is officially registered trading (Import and Export) company, located in Singapore.

It was established in 1995 as a private company oriented in Electro-optical and related equipment market.

During Years of Excellency S.E.A.OZ 4x4 Systems Pte Ltd became a leading world-wide class service company in providing parts and raw material related to Electro-optical sensors, Optical components and Electro-Optical stand alone devices mostly utilized in Medical Equipment, Industrial machinery as well as for Security services industry & Law Enforcement. Based on over decade experience, deep knowledge of the market and high technical expertise, S.E.A.OZ 4x4 Systems Pte Ltd has gained sole representation of various manufacturers in the world, as well as excellent relationship with multiple worldwide companies.

S.E.A.OZ 4x4 Systems Pte Ltd high creditability, dedication and Quality persistence enable it to successfully link east and west with tight commercial connections satisfying its customer's multiple requests and expectations.

S.E.A.OZ 4x4 Systems Pte Ltd offers high quality parts, such as Fiber Optical plates and bundles, Phosphor screens, Micro-channel pates, Image Intensifier modules, Image Intensifier Tubes, Optical components and other items utilized in production of various Medical Equipment and Industrial machinery, such as: X-ray medical scanners, NDT (non-destructive tests) machinery, Electron Microscopy and other EBDS system. Various types of direct vision devices and Night vision equipments, assembly manufactured and offered by S.E.A.OZ 4x4 Systems Pte Ltd, as widely used by its customers for private use, such as boating, birding and hunting as well as in Security & Law Enforcement related markets.